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In this article we're profiling Banbury-Don Mills, a North York neighbourhood that is sought after due to high quality of its schools and large lots.

Banbury-Don Mills

The area is just south of Highway 401 between York Mills Road in the north, Eglinton Avenue in the south, and Wilket Creek in the west and Don Mills Road in the east.

Here are some key stats for Banbury-Don Mills from

*Neighbourhood Data


While this articles focuses on houses in each neighbourhood, we have to remember that around 50% of Banbury-Don Mills residents live in high-rise apartment buildings, with a number of new condominiums completed in the recent years.

In the last 20 years population of the neighbourhood has grown steadily, with a very pronounced jump in the number of residents that are between 25 and 39 years old.

Also, a significantly higher than average proportion of the neighbourhood residents have bachelors’ degree and above (over 60% of Banbury-Don Mills residents).

As far as immigration status is concerned, Banbury-Don Mills is on par with the average for the city of Toronto with roughly half of population born outside of Canada – 51%. Among the first generation immigrants in Banbury-Don Mills, most immigrated to Canada before 2000, with quite a few prior to 1981.

Here are top countries of origin for the residents of Banbury-Don Mills born outside of Canada:

  • China (7%)
  • Hong Kong (3%)
  • Philippines (3%)
  • Iran (2.6%)


Most detached houses in Banbury-Don Mills were built before 1980 (roughly evenly split between the periods of 1960-1980 and before 1960). However, many houses have undergone renovations or were rebuilt in the last 20 years, and the pace of renovations remains high.

According to Statistics Canada, mean amount spent monthly by homeowners in Banbury-Don Mills on their homes is $1828, which is about 10% higher than elsewhere in Toronto.


Here is the list of public schools located in Banbury-Don Mills (view on the map):

Denlow Public School
Rippleton Public School
Norman Ingram Public School
St Bonaventure Catholic School
Don Mills Middle School
Greenland Public School
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